Employers’ FAQ

Which   Services are provided by the All Profiles’ Platform ?

As an Employer, you can access  all the services here below:

Free Services for Employers

  • Free Employer Registration
  • Employer – My Account
  • Post your Job Offer
  • TOP CV’s Candidates
  • Immediately Available Personnel List
  • Selection Procedure
  • Qualification Codes
  • Companies Search
  • Worldwide News

  Payment Services for Employers

  • CV Search Subscription

Can I post my Job Offer on the All Profiles’ Platform ? Is it a free service ?

Posting job offers on our platform is completely free, quick and easy.

A job offer card allows emplyers to provide any detail on about the project. This option will help to speed up candidates research: All the job offers poted will be automatically sent to the candidates with the skills required. The LV System will forward the client all the profiles of the candidates available.

For more details click here or download our Job Posting Guidelines.

For more information, please contact our Team through All Profile Chat Online  

Additional services cost

The All Profiles’ Platform team will provide additional services in a range of effective recruitment solutions to meet your needs such as:

  • Face to Face Technical Interview
  • Campaign Management
  • Recruiting Process Outsourcing
  • Quality and Safety Training

What is the quality of All Profiles’s database?

Our global candidate database is specifically  for Oil&Gas, Power Generation and Steel Mill sectors.

The All Profiles database allows the client to filter the candidates search by:

  • Current Job Title (eventually including “Previous Job Titles“);
  • Education Level (“Bachelos degree”, “Master Degree MBA”, “Ph.D”, etc.);
  • Required Experience Level (“Manager”, “Director”, “Expert”, “Senior”, “Junior”, etc.);
  • Specific Area of Experience (Upstream, Middlestram, Downstream, Drilling, Marine, etc.);
  • Specific Plants Experience (Refinery, Petrochemical, LNG, Hydrocracking, Alkylation, etc.);
  • Specific Job conditions experience (Onshore, Offshore, head office, on site, desert area, etc.);
  • Minimum Qualification Level calculated considering our 25 parameters that you’ll be allowed to modify and customize for your specific needs;
  • Years of experience in terms of general experience and/ specific role;
  • Availability for the period required by the Project, taking into consideration that each of our candidate gives his/her  real availability dates;
  • Nationality (250 countries: split in geographical areas allowing multiple selections);
  • Actual Location of the candidate (in terms of Country, City or Postcode);
  • Country of residence (split in geographical Areas allowing multiple selections);
  • Type of Contract acceptable for the candidate (“Contract”, “Permanent”, “Temporary”);
  • Rotation type;
  • Weekly or daily working hours;
  • Specific Companies he/she has already worked for;
  • Specific Project he/she has already worked for;
  • Specific Countries he/she has already worked in;
  • Permit to work flag for a Specific Country or International entity (for example European Union);
  • Gender;
  • Search in CV Contents.

Feb 19, 2019