Candidates’ FAQ

Which are the other services for a candidate ?

a) Job Alerts and AU

Through a “Complete Registration” you can activate specific job alerts and be notified of all relevant jobs posted on the platform via email, SMS, Facebook etc..

The LV System will show how your qualifications, skills and preferences meet the requirements of the search by assigning the score.

To apply for a job opportunity you just follow a “two click” simple process.

This method of job application is very popular with candidates.

The recruiter will immediately receive an update of the most suitable candidate’s resume and availability.


If the candidate’s CV has achieved the maximum qualification score it will be visible on the company’s website in a dedicated area (for “x” days – system parameter) in which, upon the candidate’s approval, the name, photo and experience gained will be published.

The All Profiles LV System will advise the candidate if the maximum qualification score is reached and it will ask for the authorisation to publish the content. The candidate’s CV Plus for the proposed qualification is transmitted to the client’s relevant department (e.g. HR, always by department and technical function), although there are no job offers in progress specific for your job qualification.

c) Tailor made CV and interview suggestions

All Profiles provides you with a standard CV as a template for composing your professional profile. To present a CV in a personal format it is advisable to avoid the following errors that often convey negative aspects to the client’s recruiters. Please click here for suggestions.

d) Preferred Companies

An interesting function offered to CV Plus candidates is the option of preferred companies you wish to contact for future jobs.

This route gives you two strong advantages:

  • Preferential status for receiving Job Proposals including confidential information such as the Salary Package, conditions, Project details and other pertinent information;
  • the Company’s Recruiter will receive your “boosted” candidature and you will be allocated a high preferential status.

e) International Projects List

Le main news on International Projects will be published monthly by sector and by geolocation.

f) Multisocial connections

You can share the information through Social networks and your contacts in the quickest possible way.

Jan 11, 2019