Services for employers

Evaluation Panel 

During the recruiting process, you can value all candidates by assigning different scores to the following parametres:

  • knowledge of specific languages;
  • roles covered in their previous work experiences;
  • companies which the candidates worked for;
  • technical skills;
  • titles of studies.

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Can I post my Job Offer on the All Profiles Platform ? Is it a free service ?

Job offer posting is customized for each role,  apart from the number of candidates.In this section the “Client user” can chose to publish the job offer directly on the company website. By including the API link it will appear automatically on the platform.

When the client’s name is not visible,  a message will be sent through the platform and the incoming CVs, without any restriction or coding, will populate the dashboard – once the preliminary qualification process is completed.

What information can I post in my Job Offer?

The “Job Offers” database is mainly focused on Oil&Gas, power generation and steel mill fields.

A detailed template for posting Job Offers is available, with more than 15 specific fields (in word format), based on our recruiting experience.

TOP CVs Candidates 

The platform shows all the CVs  with highest qualification and score rank. The list is available in a dedicated section, with candidates’ details and experience highlighted.

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This Area  shows the global shortlist of the candidates available (click here if you prefer to download this sample).

Subscribers can sort the full list of candides filtering by sector, department, etc. and contact them.

The platform allows the use of multiple filters, improving your reasearch for the best candidates.

Get ahead by exploring the criteria considered in our Selection Procedure in order to enhance the Candidate profile evaluation.
We offer a structured evaluation system split into three different steps (Preliminary, Intermediate and Final Qualification).

Should you wish to explore our Recruitment Process, please check the flow diagram. CLICK HERE

a) Boost your recruitment activitiy (Phase 1)

Our platfrom helps you improving the search and qualification of candidates. It assigns a final score calulated by the algorythm based on 25 different paraameters,

The qualification parameters weightings can be modified by the client and the LV system shows the CVs of all the candidates available that match the parameters.

If a candidate’s status changes, the client can then download the updated CV.

Other new applicants not previously selected may reply to the search independently, but their CVs will be run through the LV System for qualification and checking before being forwarded on to the client.

b) Select the Best Candidates (Phase 2)

Upon client’s request, we can provide a one-to-one interview between recruiter and candidate to gain further technical and professional information from the candidate and to make a more in-depth assessment.

The technical interview (Quick Interview) takes place in two separate phases;

the first interview requires the candidate to answer at least 15 technical questions (in English) in 1 minute slots per question using our custom communication software.

The system then forwards the written questions and answers to the client, accentuating their coherence based on an algorithm, which calculates the weighted average of the scores obtained in the various answers.

the second interview (In-depth Interview) will be held with our Technical Recruiter who will then prepare a final (technical) report to be transmitted to the client and uploaded to the system that will recap the candidate’s technical and managerial knowledge and other relevant characteristics. The interview can modify the candidate0s rankig.

A  recruiter will  send the report and the text of the video interview.

c) Tailored Qualification methods

For phase 1 the score calculated by the Software System is based on a list of requirements specific for each qualification task.

For phase 2 the score calculated by the recruiter is based on a list of requirements set by the specific procedures for each qualification code.


To meet the specific requirements of professional roles, we created an internal professional Roles System. Competences are structured in Departments and Sub Departments as shown below. There are  24 Departments, divided into 170 Sub Departments with 1,516 different professional roles.



Candidates are qualified and assigned to a Professional Role. Professional Roles are classified by level of seniority and each level can have up to four levels for each Role, related to different levels of expertise. The purpose is to define the skills connected to a specific role.
Customers and Candidates can zoom in on each Sub Department to have a complete overview of all the professional roles.
Suitable job descriptions are available for the main roles.















Personnel Selection

The system allows you to keep track of every step of the process (technical interview, offer, visa & medical procedure, etc.). These can be managed using the table form or by drag and drop mode.

Customers will find “template” forms uploded by All Profiles to help them get started.


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Worldwide News 

As free user, you can access to the main worldwide news specific to our Sectors, including new Projects, Laws, International Agreements, Acquisitions, new technologies, special opportunities, …  linked with websites such as:

Oil & Gas

·   World Oil:                                   www.worldoil.com/

·   Oil & Gas Journal:                    www.ogj.com

·   Offshore:                                    www.offshore-mag.com/

·   Upstream:                                 www.upstreamonline.com/

Power Generation

·   The Energy Industry Times:  https://teitimes.com/

·   Power Magazine:                     www.powermag.com/

·   Energy Digital:                          www.energydigital.com/

·   Renewable Watch:                   https://renewablewatch.in/

Steel Industry

·   Steel Times:                              www.steeltimesint.com/

·   Steel on the Net:                      www.steelonthenet.com

·   Eurofer:                                      www.eurofer.org/

·   Metal Center:                           www.metalcenternews.com


The candidate’s profile shows a summary of the main key points, as well as personal data, years of experience and main roles.
Both Candidate and employer  can increase or decrease the candidate’s evaluation score.

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As an Employer, you can access our database and start your search for the best candidates filtering their specific characteristics and skills.

Our custom designed LV system assigns a final score calculted by the algorithm and based on 25 different parameters of qualification. Their weightings can be modified by the client and the system will  display all the CVs of candidates available that match the parameters chosen.

For qualified but Unavailable Candidates, the system will show the profile with no personal details.  If the number of available candidates is 10 or less, the system will send a message to inform all candidates qualified for that role about the research.

Within few days the LV system will send the client all the CVs of qualified candidates who have changed their status from Unavailable to Available.

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Upon  Client’s request, All Profiles provides a one-to-one interview between recruiter and candidate to get further technical and professional information.

The technical interview takes place in two phases:

  • First interview:  the candidate will have to answer 20 technical in a limited time, using our custom communication sofware.
  • The system then forwards all the questions and answers to the All Profiles’s recruiter for a technical evaluation.

  • Second Interview (In-depth Interview): the candidate will meet one of our technical recruiters. A final report will then be sent to client and a global recap of the candidate’s profile and knowledge will be uploaded on the system.
    The LV system will calculate the average score obtained in the different answers. A final report will be sent to the client and a global recap of the candidate’s profile will be uploaded on the system.





Advanced Search 

To select the best candidate the recruiter can choose among 16 different filters:

  • Availability;
  • Range of Age;
  • Years of experience;
  • Nationalities (as specific countries and / or World Areas);
  • Minimum Global Score (e.g “more than 85/100”);
  • Companies the candidates has worked for (e.g. BP, Weatherford or ENI, etc.);
  • Roles already covered in his / her work experience (based on more than 1,200 positions of our Qualification Codes);
  • Languages (i.e. English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, etc.);
  • Country and location (e.g “Italy” or directly “Milan”, etc.);
  • Education (i.e. “Mechanical Engineering” or “BMET”, etc.);
  • Specific ourses or certificates (e.g Primavera, Bosiet, NACE, etc.);
  • Spceific IT Skills (e.g Primavera, PDS, PDMS, etc.);
  • Type of Plant  (e.g Refinery, Hydrocracking, Drilling, etc.);
  • Specific Keywords in the CV.


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