Services for candidates

Please find here below some of our preferred services:

Why enter all the data of your personal profile by hand ?


Take advantage of our innovative system, uploading directly your CV !
Our Resume Parser can process CVs, resumes, and cover letters in real-time through our quick and simple web service interface.
We can parse resumes in numerous formats including but not limited to the most popular (Word, PDF, Open Office, Excel, HTML, Social Media profiles, etc.).



Here is a list of some data our system parses out of resumes:

Name & Surname; Email addresses;
Home Address; Phone numbers;
Citizenship/Visa Status; Summary Profile;
Qualifications; Education;
Technical Skills; Languages;
Work Experiences; Certifications;
Awards & Publications; References.


Based on an algorithm, the system will show all the roles indentified in the resume. Candidates will be able to modify the Parser’s evaluation on each role by adding new positions they think they can fill.



Upon client request we can check candidate’ skills using Skype Video Interview or other All Profiles systems.

The assesment is divided into:

  • First interview: answer to 15 technical question using our custom communication sofware. The candidate will have a limited time to answer, depending on the complexity of the question. The questions will be forwarded to the client together with the total score calcualted by the algorithm.
  • Second interview (in-depth interview): the candidate will meet one of our technical recruiters. A final report will then be sent to the client and an overall recap of the candidate’s profile and knowledge will be uploaded on the system.

The interview can modify the candidate’s ranking.


Job Offers are posted by the main International Companies (EPC Contractor, Oil and Gas Power and Steel Making  Companies.)You can choose the best proposals for you filtering by country,  activity, etc.

The job offer section shows all the project details such as duration, rotation, job descprtion and requirments.

To explore the “Job Offers” please click here.

You can explore the criteria in our Selection Procedure to increase your profile’s evaluation.
We propose a structured evalutation system  divided into: Preliminary, Intermediate and Final Qualification.
To explore our Recruitment Process CLICK HERE

Boost your recruitment activity

Our platfrom helps you improving the search and qualification of candidates. It assigns a final score calulated by the algorythm based on 25 different paraameters,

The qualification parameters weightings can be modified by the client and the LV system shows the CVs of all the candidates available that match the parameters.

Availability is one of the most important data planning new employment!!

If the customer wants to request the candidates availability, they will be notified of the client’s interest and will have to confirm their interest or unavailability.

The score calculated by the Software System is based on a list of requirements established by the All Profile procedure that is specific for each qualification code that may be, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Sex;
  • Experience gained with the qualification (we identify 5 different parameters);
  • Age;
  • Knowledge of languages (of which one or more with grades attained);
  • Schooling and Professional Courses;
  • Area of experience (e.g. Engineering offices or construction sites, onshore, offshore, etc.)
  • Knowledge of IT systems;
  • Previous and current name of employer (from company registry);
  • Employment duration of completed projects
  • Number of years of experience per business unit

The final score calculated by the recruiter after the technical interview is based on a list of requirements set by the All Profiles specific procedures.


Detailed Qualification Codes and Roles

To meet the specific requirements of professional roles, we created an internal professional Roles System. Competences are structured in Departments and Sub Departments as shown below. There are  24 Departments, divided into 170 Sub Departments with 1,516 different professional roles.



Candidates are qualified and assigned to a Professional Role. Professional Roles are classified by level of seniority and each level can have up to four levels for each Role, related to different levels of expertise. The purpose is to define the skills connected to a specific role.
Customers and Candidates can zoom in on each Sub Department to have a complete overview of all the professional roles.
Suitable job descriptions are available for the main roles.





To boos your application you can use the CV PLUS mode.

You’ll have access to the AU (Always Updated) function that includes:

  • access to the specifics of every annonunce;
  • send the most relevant information related to every job offer to your collegues.

Preferred Companies 

CV PLUS allows candidates to choose the companies they want to stay in touch with.

What you get with this option ?

  • Preferential status for every new job offer: you’ll receive further details about the projects
  • The company recruiter will receive your application and you’ll be awarded a higher ranking.

If you meet all the requirments related to a specific job offer, you will receive an email notice to check all the details on the platform.

You’ll be able to select any job offer and apply directly.


Do you need help with your CV ?

A good CV is the key to show your future emploer that you are the best candidate. Standing out from the croud is essential.

With our CV wiritng service you’ll make sure that your top skills and qualities are highlighted.

What we offer:

  • Professional CV writers with specific technical experience
  • 24/7 service
  • 1 year unlimited revisons
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • No templates used

*Accessories such as a Cover Letter can be added to your resume.



Our Job Offers Updating Service

(Available with CV PLUS)

As a candidate you can use The function AUD (Always up to date) to be updated with the latest offers and have access to the details.

You can also choose how to receive your updates  (via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.)


You can choose the newsletter you’d like to receive between:

  • Daily News: receive everyday the most relevant news about these fields.
  • Weekly News Summary: receive top news and articles from the last week directly in your inbox.